Sun Grown Gold

Winter 2016  |  Sungrower & Greenhouse

Located in the heart of the Siskiyou Mountains, one of the first state-licensed farms in Oregon makes use of clean air and great soil to manufacture pure cannabis extracts.


Everyday Hemp

December 2016 |  Marijuana Venture

Innovative manufacturers are using hemp bioplastics to craft mainstream products.


The Art of Team Selling

November 2015  |  Independent Agent

It might be a rarity in the independent agent sales culture, but shifting from a solo to group mindset can really pay off. Here's why two may be better than one.


The Promise of Productivity

October 2015  |  Independent Agent

With all the available technology tools, why aren't independent agents more productive? Because tech isn't the magic bullet. The key is to identify the issues you want to solve first. Here's how.


Coming of Age

September 2015  |  Independent Agent

Generational differences affect work and the workplace--and more balance among groups is better for your business. Here's how to develop a healthier agency workforce.


Defense Force

July 2015  |  Independent Agent

Independent agents are recapturing territory away from direct and captive agents, but there's still more work to do. Make a play for more of what's yours.


A Delicate Balance

April 2015  |  Independent Agent

Retention vs. New Business: They're both critical to your agency. How do you determine the right formula for achieving maximum organic growth?





PR Unscripted

PR Unscripted was a public relations firm focused on creating authentic communication strategies that make an impact. 

Company blogs focused on marketing, sales and branding strategies with a philanthropic focus, as well as monthly e-newsletter production


DocuLynx offers cloud-based and on-site information management solutions that capture, classify and archive critical business information.

Company blogs focused on solutions and products, how to securely protect information and practical ways to efficiently manage company data


AIMS Society

The American Insurance Marketing and Sales Society is dedicated to providing sales and marketing training services to the insurance industry.

Company blogssocial media and member-only content focused on practical sales strategies and timely industry news to motivate insurance sales professionals

La Bella Vita Health & Wellness

La Bella Vita is a medical weight loss clinic that creates custom weight loss programs and encourages healthy lifestyles.

Company blogs, social media and e-newsletter production focused on health and wellness strategies to motivate current and prospective clients toward healthy weight loss


National Association for Convenience Stores

NACS advances the role of convenience stores as positive economic, social and philanthropic contributors to the communities they serve. The association has 2,100 retailer and 1,750 supplier members from more than 50 countries. 

Write for the daily e-newsletter that focuses on trends, breaking news and industry information relevant to NACS members.


Aartrijk is a branding and marketing-communications firm dedicated to serving clients in insurance, financial services and association management.

Content specialist, social media manager and project assistant for several Aartrijk clients.